My name is Benjamin Brinkman.  I prefer to be referred to by the short form, Ben, however.

LOCALE: I am currently living in Omaha, Nebraska, United States.

PROFESSION: I am a software developer, currently working as a freelancer.  I also have experience in technician roles of IT such as desktop support and help desk.  I have also worked as a field technician.

BUSINESS: In addition, I am an entrepreneur.  This very website is the foundation of what I strive to turn into my personal web media empire.

HOBBIES: I write songs under the name Ben Jammin’.  Though I haven’t done much of that lately, I plan to do more of that and other sound engineering work.

I also play video games.  I have been known to develop video games but nothing of significant interest there yet.

PHILOSOPHY: I promote and highly encourage the use of open source software (such as Linux-based operating systems) due to its technical merits.